National Youth Choir of Singapore

The National Youth Choir of Singapore (NYCS) was founded in 2013 as the youth branch of TVC. The brainchild of Professor Nelson Kwei, the choir was established as a result of the rapidly increasing quality and quantity of youth singers joining TVC year after year.

The National Youth Choir of Singapore made its debut in The Vocal Consort’s annual concert in 2014, ‘Nova Voce’, where the choir performed three songs. The NYCS has been an important part of TVC since then, as TVC looks to nurture and groom exceptional choral singers from a young age.

The National Youth Choir of Singapore houses many graduates of the now-defunct Music Talent Development Centre (MTDC) Choir. The MTDC Programme, which was set up by the Ministry of Education, ran from 2010 to 2014 with the aim of establishing a strong foundation in choral singing in primary and secondary school students. In addition to carrying on the role of the Music Talent Development Centre Choir, the objective of The National Youth Choir of Singapore is to showcase the talent of the young singers of our nation and also to cultivate a love for singing in Singaporean youths. In addition, the NYCS aims to increase the standard of the local choral scene.

In 2015, The National Youth Choir of Singapore showcased four Singaporean classics under the baton of Professor Nelson Kwei and Mr Foong Hak Luen in August for the inaugural Singapore Choral Festival. Following their successful showcase, the NYCS held its first headline concert in March 2016, titled ‘Lux Nova’, where the choir performed a diverse repertoire, from Chinese songs to sacred Latin music.